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13. I make no complaint of the fact that Your Excellency is unable at this stage to present for sanction a close estimate of the cost which is likely to be incurred in respect of the various proposals included in your despatch, either by way of initial or of recurring expenditure. You have only found it possible to name the round sum of four millions sterling which you regard as the outside figure of cost which could be incurred by the transfer to Delhi, and you indicate your opinion that this amount might be raised by a special Gold loan. I agree that it was not possible for you, in the special circumstances of the case, to undertake the investigations which would have been necessary before you could submit even a general estimate of expenditure either at Delhi or in relation to the Governorship of Bengal, to the Lieutenant-Governorship of the new United Provinces, or to the Chief Commissionership of Assam. This being so, I refrain for the present from making any observations on this part of the subject, merely stating my general conviction that Your Excellency is fully alive to the magnitude of the proposed operations, and to the necessity for thoughtful preparation and continuous vigilance in order that the expenditure, which must necessarily be so large, may be conducted with no tingle of wastefulness, and, as regards the particular case of Delhi, assuring you that my full sympathy will be extended to any efforts you may make to prevent the holding up against the Government of land which you may find it necessary to secure for public purposes.

14. I find myself in general agreement with Your Excellency when you state that if this policy is to be approved, it is imperative to avoid delay in carrying it into effect. You give substantial reasons for this opinion, both on administrative and economical grounds, and though a number of details remain for settlement, many of which must demand careful examination and consultation, while some may awaken differences of opinion, it is possible now to pronounce a definite opinion upon the broad features of the scheme. Regarding it is a whole, and appreciating the balance sought to be maintained between the different races, classes and interests likely to be affected, I cannot recall in history, nor can I picture in any portion of the Civilised world as it now exists, a series of administrative changes of so wide a scope, culminating in the transfer of the main seat of Government, carried out, as I believe the future will prove with so little detriment to any class of the community, while satisfying the historical sense of millions, aiding the general work of Government, and removing the deeply-felt grievance of many. I therefore give my general sanction to your proposals, and I share in your belief that the transfer of the capital and the concomitant features of the scheme form a subject worthy of announcement by the King Emperor in person on the unique and eagerly-anticipated occasion at Delhi. I am commanded to inform you that at the Durbar on the 12th of December His-Imperial Majesty will be pleased to declare that Delhi wiil become tne capital city of India, that a Governor in Council will be appointed for Bengal, a Lieutenant-Governor in Council for Behar, Chota Nagpur, and Orissa, and a Chief Commissioner for the Province of Assam.

I have the honour to be,
My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient, humble servant
21 a


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