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Diwan Bahadur SETH KASTHURCHAND DAGA, C.I.E., Marwari and Banker, Central Provinces.
His Highness MAHARAJA SAWAI SAWANT SINGH BAHADUR, of Bijawar State, Bundelkhand, Central India.
General MOWBRAY THOMSON (retired), late Bengal Infantry.
To be Honorary Knights Commanders.
General ALBERT HOUTUM SCHINDLER, C.I.E., lately Director, Central Department, Persian Foreign Office.
Sheikh MUBARAK BIN SUBAH, Ruler of Koweit.
To be Companions.
Esquire, Assistant Military Secretary, Military Department, JAMES HERBERT SEABROOKE, India Office.
WALTER CULLEY MADGE, Esquire, President of the Anglo-Indian Association, and an Additional Member of the Council of the Governor-General for making Laws and Regulations.
Lieutenant-Colonel WALLACE CHRISTOPHER RAMSAY STRATTON, Indian Army, Commissioner of Ajmer-Mervara.
JAMES SCOTT, Esquire, Assistant Private Secretary to His Excellency the Viceroy.
Major EDWARD CHARLES BAYLEY, Indian Army, Private Secretary to the Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab.
Rai Bahadur LALA SHEO PRASAD, an Honorary Magistrate of Delhi, Punjab.
FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Esquire, Indian Civil Service, Secretary to the Chief Com missioner, North-West Frontier Province.
Major ARTHUR LoUIS BICKFORD, Indian Army, 56th Punjabi Rifles, (Frontier Force) Com- mandant, Khyber Rifles.
EDWARD GELSON GREGS0N, Esquire, Indian Police, Superintendent of Police, North-West Frontier Province, on special duty in connection with suppression of the arms traffic.
Khan Bahadur MIAN RAHDI SHAH, Kaka Khel.
WILLIAM MALCOLM HAILEY, Esquire, Indian Civil Service, Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, Financial Department, on special duty with the Coronation Durbar Committee.
Colonel BENJAMIN WILLIAM MARLOW, Indian Army, Military Accountant-General, and ex officio Deputy Secretary to the Govcrnment of India, Financial Department Military Finance.
HERBERT GERARD TOMKINS, Esquire, F.R.A.S., Financial Department, Government of India, Officiating Accountant-General, Bengal.
HENRY WHITBY SMITH, Esquire, Indo-European Telegraph Department, lately-Director, Persian Gulf Section.
Major FRANCIS BEVILLE PRIDEAUX, Indian Army, Political Officer, Southern Rajputana States.
Major ARTHUR PRESCOTT TREVOR, Indian Army, Political Department, Government of lndia.
Lieutenant-Colonel RAMSAY-FREDERICK CLAYTON GORDON, Indian Army, Private Secretary to the President, Coronation Durbar Committee.
Lieutenant-Colonel CHARLES MACTAGGART, M.A., M.B., Indian Medical Service, Inspector- General of Prisons, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.
NAWAB MIRZA DIAHDI HUSAIN, Khan Bahadur, of Lucknow.
RAI KISHAN SAH BAHADUR, Honorary Magistrate, Naini Tal,United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.
HOPETON GABREIL STOKES,Esquire,Indian Civil Service, Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, Financial Department.


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