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The Hon'ble NAWAB MUMTAZ-UD-DAULA SIR MUHAMMAD FAIYAZ ALl KHAN, K.C.I.E., C.S.L, of Pahasu, Chief Member of Council, Jaipur State.
Honorary Colonel NAWAB SIR MUHAMMAD ASLAM KHAN, K.C.I.E, A.-D.-C. His Excellency Rear Admiral SIR EDMOND JOHN WARRE SLADE, K.C.I.E. M.V.O, Naval Commander-in-Chief, East Indies Squadron.
To be Commanders:-
Brigadier-General WILLIAM ELIOT PEYTON, D.S.O., Commanding Meerut Cavalry Brigade, The King-Emperor's Herald.
Colonel SIR SWINTON JACOB, K.C.I.E, Indian Army, retired.
Lieutenant-Colonel ARTHUR D'ARCY GORDON BANNERMAN,C.I.E, Indian Army, on Special Duty in the Government of India, Foreign Department.
JOHN CROMIE LYLE, Esquire, Chief Engineer of Durbar Railways.
MONTAGUE SHERARD DAWES BUTLER, Esquire, C.I.E., Indian Civil Service, Deputy Secretary to the Government of India, Home Department, and Secretary of the Punjab to the All-India Memorial.
CHARLES AUGUSTUS KINCAID, Esquire, I.C.S., Secretary to the Government of Bombay, Political, Special and Judicial Departments.
Major FRANK GRAHAM SMALLWOOD, M.V.O., Royal Artillery, Ordnance Officer, on Deputation, Coronation Durbar Camp, Delhi.
BALWAT RAO BHAIYA SCINDIA, Member of the Board of Revenue, Gwalior State.
JAMES SCOTT PITKEATHLY, Esquire, Electrical Inspector to the Government of the United Provinces of Agra & Oudh and Electrical Engineer, Delhi Coronation Durbar.
MUNSHI AZIZ-UD-DIN, C.I.E., M.V.O., Deputy Commissioner, Berar, on special duty with the Government of India.
Captain WALTER LUMSDEN, R.K. (retired), Director of the Royal Indian Marine.
Lieutenant-Colonel JOHN MANNERS-SMITH, V.C., C.I.E., I.A., Resident in Nepal.
To be Members, 4th class:-
THOMAS ROBERT JOHN WARD, Esquire, C.I.E., A.M.LC.E., Pub& Works Department, Superintending Engineer, Western Jumna Canal CiR.Cle, Punjab..
Colonel CHARLES JAMES BAMBER, Indian Medical Service, Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals Punjab, and a Member of the Coronation Durbar Committee.
Major SIDNEY D'AGUILAR CROOKSHANK, Royal Engineers, Executive Engineer, Public Works .
Department, United Provinces of Agra & Oudh, Superintendent of Works, Delhi Coronation Durbar.
Major WILLlAM BERNARD JAMES, 2nd Lancers, Assistant Adjutant-General, on special duty, Coronation Durbar, Delhi.
Brevet-Colonel THOMAS CAMERON FITZGERALD SOMERVILLE, Commandant, Royal Military School of Music.
Major ARTHUR J.STRETTON, M.V.O., Director of Music, Royal Military School of Music.
Lieutenant-Colonel CYRIL FRANCIS TYRELL MURRAY, I.A., Supply and Transport Corps, on special duty, Coronation Durbar, Delhi.
WILLIAM MANWELL, Esquire, C.I.E., I.C.S, Postmaster-General, Punjab.
Major CECIL DELARUE MEARS, Squadron Officer, 8th Cavalry.
Captain JOHN STAFFORD BARKER, R.E., Garrison Engineer, Quetta, on special duty, Coronation Durbar, Delhi.
Lieutenant-Colonel GUY LUSHINGTON HOLLAND, I.A., Commandant, 23rd Pioneers. .
Lieutenant-Colonel CHARLES GILBERT CARKEGY, I.A., Commandant, 107th Pioneers.


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