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The Arrival of the Royal Couple at the Durbar

Their Imperial Majesties arrived in the Imperial state in which their loyal subjects love to see them ( Note: based on surveys I presume :) ). They were escorted by a great calvacade of horse, the 10th Royal Hussars, "N" Battery of the Royal Horse Artillery, the 18th Tiwana Lancers, the scarlet-coated Bodyguard, and splendidly martial Imperial Cadets. They drove in a state landau drawn by four handsome bays, with scarlet positilions and outriders. They were preceded by a picked Bodyguard of their own Household Cavalry, three men from the Lifeguards and the Blues, in all the daring panoply of daring steel. They were clad in their superb coronation robes and wore Imperial diadems replendent with jewels which caught and gave back the nootide sun. They were shelter by the golden umbrellas which from time immemorial have been the insignia of Royalty in the East. Harbingered by the thunder of artillery they passed into the arena at a measured walk. It was a moment of uncontrollable enthusiasm. The vast audience rose as one man ; the Indians salaamed their deep obeisance, and then from near a hundred thousand throats burst a storm of cheering.


There they paused whilst the Royal Standard spread its gorgeous quarterings to the breeze from a lofty central flagstaff, the silver sheen of naked steel flickered across the arena as the guards of honour and all the troops came to the Royal Salute, and from the Massed Bands rolled out , a great voulume of music, the sonorous strains of the National Anthem ( not Jana Gana Mana, but God save the King ).