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Sir Phiroz Shah Mehta

He read out the welcome address

As the cheering died down Their Imperial Majesties took their seats on the throne chairs, H.E. the Viceroy ( Lord Hardinge ) standing at the King's right hand and H.E. the Governor at the left hand of the Queen Empress, the large Staffs in attendance being grouped immediately behind them .( The pecking order was never forgotten .)

At a signal from Sir George Clarke, Sir Pherozeshah Mehta then went forward and from the foot of the dais steps slowly read, in a resonant voice audible in every part of the amphitheatre, the Municipal address, which laid stress on the special connection of Bombay with the Royal House of England. (Note:No Microphones!!)

The speech: "The dower of a Royal Alliance," it said, " Bombay represents no chance settlement acquired by purchase from petty chiefs, or selected by merchants fugitive from other centres. Its importance and future greatness were foreseen by the sagacity of statesman, and its acquisition by a Treaty of State constitutes the first intervention by the Royal Government of England in the administration of the land of India. We proudly claim that the high hopes entertained by the statesmen who acquired the Island and by the Governors who founded and administered the City have met with rich fulfilment , and that this city constitutes the strongest link between the civilization of the East and the West, which it has ever been the aim of the British Government to weld into one harmonious system.

We rejoice to think that Bombay is broad based upon the firmest of foundations in being united within itself and that the diverse races and classes whom we represent are actuated by a strong sense of common citizenship.

In the gracious presence of Your Imperial Majesty the Queen Empress, the people of India, regarding Your Imperial Majesty as the lofty embodiment of the highest ideals of womanhood, will recognise with renewed feelings of gratitude and affection Your interest in them, as evinced by this second( note: they had come as Prince and Princess of Wales in 1906) visit to their shores."