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The Robes they wore at the Durbar

One, Two, Three, Four

Tell the people what she wore

The dress of the Queen Empress was of white satin, embroidered with a design of gold roses, thistles and shamrocks, with a border of lotus flowers. The Star of India was embroidered in front of the dress and the robes were of purple velvet, trimmed with an ermine border and gold braid. Her orders were the Garter and the Crown of India, and a diamond and emerald diadem glittered on her exquisitely fair neck. Diamonds and emeralds encircled her neck. Before seating themselves Their Imperial Majesties bowed graciously to the right and left, in response to the renewed plaudits that rang through the amphitheatre.

The robes for the Coronation Durbar

The Robes. These were meant only for Deities. No ordinary human could go about his daily round wearing these.


The wave of sound died. Lord Hardinge stepped forward to receive his King and Queen, deft hands arranged their flowing robes and marshalled the pages , Their Imperial Majesties walked in stately procession to the thrones ( not even 100 years back !!). The King Emperor's train was borne by six Indian princes, the Maharajahs of Jodhpur and Bharatpur, the Maharajah Kumar Himmat Singh of Idar, the Maharajah Kumar Sadul Singh of Bikanir, the grandson of the Maharajah of Orcha, and Sahebzada Wahiduz Zafar Khan of Bhopal. That of her Imperial Majesty was carried by Thakore Saheb of Palitana, Maharaj Kunwar Ghulab Singh of Rewa, Rajkumar Ramchandra Singh and Mahraj Mandhata Singh both of Sailana.

His Imperial Majesty's clothes..the Wealth of the Nations :)

His Imperial Majesty wore the Imperial purple robe , a surcoat of purple, with white satin breeches and silk stockings, the Collar of the Order of the Garter and the Star of the Order of the Star of India. On his brow was the Imperial Crown, consisting of a band of diamonds ( 6000!!! ) , studded with four large emeralds and four large sapphires. Above this band were four crosses pateÚs with ruby centres, alternated by four fleurs de lys with emerald centres. From these sprang 4 diamond arches supporting the orb, or monde, which was surmounted by the Maltese cross in diamonds, with a large square emerald in the centre. His cap was of purple velvet turned up with ermine.