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Is freedom just another word
for nothing left to lose?

Last updated - Thursday, 14-Dec-2006 23:21:54 EST
Statue of Liberty small image

Perhaps it is.. The pursuit of freedom is the reason we led by the West are here today. It sure is a free world today, so much that everybody assumes that there is very little scope for improvement in Government systems especially Western ones. Actually the two items in the opposing pans of the scale are best identified by the following line.

"To this day, our church seeks to combine the two great strands of typically English thought; respect for authority and love of freedom."

This line is from Thomas More Commemoration Sermons The 1995 Thomas More Sermon This sermon was delivered at Chelsea Old Church on Sunday 9 July 1995 by Prebendary Leighton Thomson (Vicar C.O.C. 1950-1992)

STATUE OF LIBERTY - 1880sUntil I think up more stuff to fill up this page enjoy the fantastic pictures of the "Statue of Liberty" which as you know came from France. The first picture of the head is in a park in France. They were the first to be turbulently influenced by American Declaration of Independence. European History books credit the French with Heralding democracy in modern times. The French Revolution with its "Equality , Liberty and Fraternity" is assumed to be the harbinger of Modern Democracy. Which of course is wrong, the revolution itself was ignited 11 years later by the American war of Independence.

The US was not much of a place just a 100 years ago. The Europeans still think so , but that is another story..
Sadly it resembles India of today. Some of the percentages better those of India today ( Literacy for one ). The URL for the pictures Click here for the source of these pictures.

The US 100 years ago
From the book, When My Grandmother Was a Child, by Leigh W. Rutledge, which begins: "In the summer of 1900, when my grandmother was a child..."


The Title to the picture above says "Liberty enlightening the world" which really is what the flame represents. The poem at its base really misses the point and assumes the statue is showing the way to a place of refuge, to the oppressed of the world. Note : You can get the words of the poem on the Web but dont waste your time.


And don't miss the books in the hand - the weight of ancient wisdom. Notice too all eyes on the camera man. Today they would not look if he had a gun. Photography was just a few decades old then. The kind of camera which took this picture was still in use in India in the early 60's. The shutter speed was determined by the cameraman's hand.

Don't mistake this text for an eulogy of the US. It is just my tribute to a great human endeavour of the not too distant past . Black, white or brown does not matter.

I dont know how you view the impact of the creation of US on the rest of the world. Why is it called the "Brave New World"? Over two centuries after the creation of the US, the rest of the world is New only in Parts. It still carries with it an enormous legacy of Monarchical Times. We could never really shake off the garb (because Government itself was defined as something mainly for the benefit of those in Government). Anything which has something to do with old fashioned nobility, or what the British call Upper Classes is still regarded as something related to the supernatural, and not to unfair allocation of funds.

None of the things now in widespread use would have been in widespread use if it had not been for the essential motivation which emanated from the US. That benefits of new technology should go beyond palace walls was a revolutionary idea, whose strength cannot be understood today.

It is possible that you may not have considered the US itself as an invention with an uncertain future. That it was possible to establish a working Government without a Pantheon of Trivia like Kings and Queens and their ancillaries, was not a proven idea. In that case look at this ...

Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation , conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war , testing whether that or any nation so conceived can long endure. .....

Most of Europe still retains its Kings and Queens. And even around the turn of the last century the world had not rubbished Royalty - it still has not. So it is not surprising that the US would pick up a few pages from the Royalty handbook . What do you make of this ?....