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The Jugadh a locally made replacement for the Bullock Cart

This is a harvester combine. Another "business". These are usually rented out. However not many of these are owned locally. This one came from Punjab and is headed back via the Kairana Bridge ( to cross the Yamuna ) into Punjab. Charges are I believe by the hour. This one is made at Mohalli by Punjab Tractors Ltd. Completely indigeneous. This is a rear view , so you can't see that all these grand machines carry a motorcycle in front. Why ? Well would you use this monster to go buy bread and butter from the friendly neighbourhood bakery , or post letters ?

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  1. Church Crossing.
  2. Begum Bridge I.
  3. Begum Bridge II.
  4. Wedding Lights.
  5. Collectorate.
  1. Some vehicles on Meerut roads , a Hyundai Accent in the foreground, and a Shaktiman (Military Vehicle) in the background.
  2. This is BEGUM PUL. Begumpul is the centre of Gravity of Meerut. Another is Ghanta Ghar about 2 km to the South East. That is where the real Meerut lies - the walled city.
    Don't recognise BegumPul ? Vast empty spaces in the pictures no standing space in real life? Well the explanation is this - a number of souls have checked out of this world for a better one here at BegumPul. Their souls never leave, they keep returning to understand how the most important event of their lives happened in this place.
    This also serves as the town square for people from the rural areas seeking daily employment. The Ghanta Ghar area in the city serves the same purpose. You can find gardeners, carpenters , masons and other workers here.
    Note: If you drive down from Delhi to absorb the ambience of a small town, just stay away from BegumPul. You will soon yearn for the serenity of Karol Bagh or New Delhi Railway station.
  3. Wedding lights in preparation for a wedding procession. Just a little over a decade back they used to carry gas lamps. Now a fair sized generator accompanies these lights which precede or follow a wedding procession.
  4. The 'Collectorate' - Office of the Commisioner/Deputy Commissioner?. Seems alive only when hordes of village folk from nearby come to complain. Otherwise it is largely meant for 'internal use only'.The word 'Collectorate' harks back to the East India Company days, when an enormously complicated 'Settlement' system was used to assess area of land and 'collect' the assessment levied by the Hon'ble Company - not much was given in return except for a police station. This was during the period the Company was trying to behave like a Government. Close by is the old 'Settlement office' now housing some other nondescript Public Office.
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