The difference

In a garden full of blossoms, when you see a withered leaf
In a playground brimming with noise when you find quietened peace
Among a multitude of righteous , when you hear a sinner weep
You know you can make a difference, the secret is yours to keep .

In a basket full of red cherries , when you pick  a rotten one ,
In a table set with golden breads, when you eat the burnished bun ,
In the wilderness of eternity, when you find the way to succumb ,
You know you can make a difference, you know you are the one .

In a crazy world of free men , when you see a slave entrapped ,
In the shrouds of a murderer , when you see a meek soul wrapped ,
Among the pearls that make a necklace , when you find a broken bead ,
You know you can make a difference, you are God's chosen seed .

And in the mad race for money, you stop to wait and think ,
When you give time to the simple at heart , find the missing link ,
When you hold on to nothing , and yet believe that you will find ,
One day a world of perfect happiness , joyful wondrous and kind .

That day you will make a difference , that day you'll know just how ,
from thousand lies buried in a heap , you'll scoop the truth somehow ,
That day you'll know you're special , the kind that's seldom found ,
But the kind that once is born can make millions turn around .

By Rohini Mathew - 2001
( Vellore 2nd year )