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Mr. CHARLES WILLIAM CASTON, Registrar, Home Department, Government of India.
Rao Bahadur GOBINDRAM SALAMATRAI, Deputy Collector and Assistant Colonisation Officer, Jamrao Canal, Sind.
Mr. JOSEPH EDWARD LACEY, Assistant Secretary to the Government of India, Public Works Department.
Mr. AHSAN-UD-DIN AHMAD, Bar-at-Law, Statutory Civilian, Magistrate and Collector, Bankura, Bengal.
Mr. CHARLES ALBERT POGSON, Assistant Collector, Salt Department, Bombay.
BABU UMESH CHANDRA DAS, Civil Surgeon of Palamau.
Mr. JOHN ALEXANDER McIVER, Superintendent, Government Photozincographic Department, Bombay.
MIRZA IRFAN ALIBEG, Deputy Collector, United Provinces.
Mr. WALTER HENRY THOMSON, Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector, 1st grade, Santhal Pergannas, Bengal.
Mr. TAW SEIN Ko, Superintendent, Archreological Surrey, and Examiner in China, Burma.
Mr. WALTER ARTHUR SHILSTONE, Assistant Secretary to the Government of Eastern Bengal and Assam, Public Works Department.
MAUNG OGH, K.S.M., Provincial Civil Service, Extra Assistant Commissioner Headquarters Assistant, Pegu, Burma.
Mr. GERALD AYLMER LEVETT-YEATS, Factory Superintendent, Opium Department, United Provinces.
Mr. MAHDI HASAN, M.A., Bar-at-Law, Provincial Civil Service, Officiating Deputy Commissioner, Central Provinces.
Mr. ROBERT HENRY NIBLETT, M.A., J.P., Deputy Collector, United Provinces.
Rai Sahib GAJJU MAL, Head Clerk, Office of Political Agent, Khyber.
Mr. CHARLES EDWARD BROWNE, Provincial Civil Service, Assistant Superintendent, Southern Shan States,Burma.
PANDIT NAND LAL, Extra Assistant to Agent to the Governor-General, Central India.
Mr. WALTER JAMES BAGLEY, Extra Assistant Commissioner, Jubbulpore, Central Provinces.
Mr. SHAMS SHAH, Extra Assistant Commissioner, Baluchistan.
Mr. ALBERT GEORGE LINCOLN, Registrar, Office of Chief Commissioner, North-West Frontier Province.
M. R. Ry. PARAMBIL THARYAN THARYAN AVERGAL, B.A., Registrar, Local and Municipal, Educational and Legislative Departments of the Government of Madras.
Mr. A. M. ANSCOMB, Extra Assistant Commissioner, Baluchistan.
M.R. Ry. DIWAN BAHADUR ANNAJI AIYANGAR KRISHNASWAMI AIYANGAR AVERGAL, B.A., Acting Deputy Commmissioner, Salt, Abkari and Separate Revenue Department, Madras.
Mr. GEORGE WILLIAM MARSHALL, Registrar, Foreign Department, Government of India.
M.R. Ry. CANCHI SARVOTTAMA ROW AVERGAL, B.A., Registrar of Assurances, Madras.
Mr. AUGUSTUS STAPLETON, Superintendent in the Foreign Department of the Government of India Secretariat.
M. R. Ry. BHIMANAKUNTE HANUMANHA ROW A VERGAL, B.A., Professor of Mathematics, Engineering College, Madras.


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