Not enough Techeela ?

Wait and see..
Heave-ho and hup she rises

In case you did not notice, Tech has been down for long. Things have not been OK for a long time. First the dot com doom. Then when things started looking up the fiends diverted the jet set into the WTC. That made the hi tech CIA look very bad. Everything was done in-house and they didn't get a whiff ! And the clowns go around looking for clues in other countries. Now NASDAQ has risen more than 200 hundred points within a few weeks. Will there be another mad rally ?
Do you think the war with all its mind boggling weapons has something to do with it? Does anyone know where to get more information on Cruise missiles , wire guided missiles, GPS directed missiles, B-1 and stealth bombers, and yes B-52s they have been around since the late 50's .

All is right in heaven

But not here
God has a new gas cylinder

And the burner has been cleaned up. It has never been this hot before. Seen the death toll in the papers? No state unrepresented. And sure enough the Babus go on a demolition spree in the heat. Rohini and Kirti Nagar in Delhi now. Once their salary is assured through devious taxation they have no concern about how others earn their keep and live, and thus manage to stay alive. Wonder how many died after being rendered roofless in this heat. But then the poor are a class apart in Bharat. They are not even thought of as human beings. Sadly they constitute the vast majority.

Some Respite

You probably know that no Meerutwalla goes to hell. Hell comes here during June to September. So you'll be able to understand what happens if dark clouds appear on the horizon and cool winds blow. It doesn't have to rain for us to think this is Heaven. That is what happened on the 17th. It is still( 20th) cool though not heavenly. Everything indicates that we may have a normal rainfall.

And of course the rain is for the birds too. If there is one kind of noise pollution which no one in the world can object to, it is the noise of birds twittering. Take a walk before 6 am on The Mall. It can be deafening, most are ordinary ones, but you may hear a number of other sounds which maybe unfamiliar. A Peacock is a permanent resident near the Flag staff house. You may see it crossing the Mall if you are lucky.

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