August 26, 2003

Good Rains

Cannot remember when we had such good and timely rains here.

No improvement in Electricity

Guess only privatisation can cure what ails Electricity. It is cooler now so availability should have been better. It is so bad that nobody even talks about it. Of course all the surrounding villages are "electrified". On paper that is. Nobody gets an electricity connection there. Electricity is provided during only 12 am to 7 am. Summer or winter. And then minimum charges are demanded. Anyone who mindlessly goes around saying that "there is no such thing as free lunch" should see this.

Reliable electrcity is a great catalyst for any economy rural or urban. It also galvanizes demand for an enormous variety of products. Just look around you and see how many things have to be plugged into a wall socket. Every unearthly law is implemented - specially those which have something to do demolition, and roads electricity sewage are like in war torn state. As they the say of the state is the state of its electricity. You know why UP comes just ahead of Bihar and Orissa.

Did you follow the New York Blackout ? A mere 12 hours without electricity and it makes International headlines. One commentator said New York is looking like "some 3rd world slum". So we know where we are. And we like it like this ? After all "Mera Bharat Mahan". Wonder of wonders Electricity here seems to have improved! New York's loss is Meerut's gain? There was more to learn about the developed world from this isolated incident. Canada and USA share ELECTRICITY NETWORKS!! What happened to "strategic considerations" , "national pride" , "sovreign" , and all the other slogans the media pounces on. Here mere signs of exchanging the Olive Branch with our neighbour is surprisingly not universally welcome.

Electric Vehicle

You may have seen a very small foot print Electric car roaming around the town. This is an Electric motor driven car called Rewa. With a little squeezing it can seat four. And you thought the Maruti 800 was small. It is great for one person. Can you imagine what this would do to Delhi Traffic if everyone had this there? There would be more space on the roads. You would then love to go to Delhi once more ?.

Abu ka Maqbara

Late 19th Century

This is a print/woodcut sent by Capt. Ashok Nath (email Shows Abu ka Makbara ( kesar ganj area ) Contact him for not just Meerut History but military history in General.

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