Impure Diesel/Petrol ?

Don't Know what to do?

You could start by reading . Click here to download some information. There is no sure shot method . A Hydrometer would help greatly. But it is just not available and the problem is wide spread. Different ones for Diesel and Petrol will be required. Since checking density is the simplest method of verifying purity. All other methods would require expensive laboratories. Can someone make one and make millions. It would be a slight variation on the Battery Hydrometer already available. Just the Printed paper and the floating bulb will need to be changed.

Election Results

Must have shocked many including the winners
This was surely Kranti Divas

Are continuously evolving Government systems only a prerogative of the West? Hardly .. We must discard the 'Hukoomat' (something which spews out 'Hukums') concept of Government. And we must evolve in a way we think fit without too much misery and disruption, as if that can be exceeded :). Nothing prevents us from looking into the Aangan of other countries. The Internet helps with that. Actually the English word 'Government' means the same thing. It has gradually become a Social Infrastructural Services System rather than a mere Command system in the West. And that must happen here too. This 'Hukoomat' or 'Raj' model is assumed by even the Western influenced intelligentsia including Journalists and Bureaucrats.

I have a few simple ideologically neutral guidelines (collected from various sources) to meditate upon.
Everyone has heard of them yet it is amazing how often they are ignored.

  1. The Government that governs least governs best. Laissez faire is what the Europeans called it in the days when a non-meddlesome Government was considered weak.
  2. The greatest good for the largest number. That should be the yardstick for any decision.
  3. Privatisation results in greater accountability, and that could bear improvement in India.
  4. What is this about selling family jewellery ? Since when was ownership of public property granted exclusively to those employed by Government.
  5. The delusions of Grandeur of Putin ( a person of socialistic and communist leaning) makes the Czars of Traditional Russia look like inmates of a Greek Monastry. That must be kept in view when opening doors for the Communists.
  6. "The more money circulates, the more it is generated" .This is attributed to the Arthashashtr . Around 2000 years back. So how come we have become so stupid now. Try getting money out of goverment, even for awards, "authorised" compensations, etc. If it takes 5 years consider yourself lucky. Why should it take more than 5 hours? Even the most brilliant Babu will not care to ask. Because it was laid down by the mighty Raj.
  7. And here is the most difficult one of all. If we want to remove poverty then no money must be taken from the poor - not even as excise for matchboxes.
  8. A Government exists for the benefit of the people who pay for it, and not for the benefit of the people who collect.
  9. Let us have a system which maximises every single citizen of this vast country. Not just maintain the morale of Government Employees, by letting them interfere in everything. The morale of the "Masses" is as important as that of Bureaucrats, Police and Army.

May 10th

Kranti Diwas ?

I don't know what your thoughts about elections and voting are but I am sure that if you are not employed or associated with the Sarkar then they are going to be very similar to mine.

And here are my two bits. I think Democracy can be great if it actually adheres to its slogan "Of the People , by the people, for the people". ...So how do we end up with elected representatives who believe or make use of public money to make people believe that they are God's gift to mankind. That I think is the grave error which has been with us right from Grecian Times. You may have come across the saying from Aesop's Fables - "we hang petty criminals , the big one we elect to high office" ( Did you know that Aesop's Fables are at least 400 years older than Asokan Edicts? ). Even then it was possible for people to vote directly on issues and legislation instead of electing "superior" people to represent them.

As things stand there is a "vision planted in my brain" which wants to see the entire country as one big parliament. The parliament itself as one big Cyber cafe where the "issue of the day" is put up regularly. Lets not have just 500 or so representatives let us have 10 million. Random Sampling techniques are so well developed that the entire population does not have to vote . Miles to go before we sleep , of course. This could take a Millennium.

It does appear like a no-contest, in the reverse. There are a lot of views about what happened. One thing is certain the "view from the top" or media view will never get it right. There is an American saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Maybe that gives a clue . The turnaround took place so fast that all the polls missed it. Maybe what put people off was "India shining" , "feel good" and calls from the PM - these generated nothing more than a smile. Even US and Japan at their peaks have never been so euphoric. India Shining ? Even in countries at the bottom of the heap ( and India is just a little above ) one cannot come across people in such a sorry state as the ladies - taxpaying citizens of India - who died for free Saris. If one has to alleviate poverty there should be no requirement for BPL certificates. It is clearly visible at least to non-sarkari people. And that does not speak highly of Sarkari types. Who perceive themselves as treetops and the rest at grassroots. They should live and learn. By the way there must be a silver lining to all this - in somebody's pocket .The advertising and phone calls could not have been cheap.

As usual Vajpayeeji said the right thing the real winners are the citizens. God bless them, who think of the owners of this country as non-entities. At least the new set has a very young face which has enthused the younger generation. Lets hope they keep small towns and villages in mind. We would not have had a Kalpana Chawla if Karnal did not have a Flying Club. This is one way of keeping the youth in places where they belong . And such facilities always generate more employment which really is the main problem. The money bags will get over the shock sooner or later.

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